My name is David Bouchard and dead*pixel is my online portfolio.

I am an omnivorous New Media artist, technologist and educator. My work as a media artist focuses on exploring the expressive potential of computation, both in software and hardware form. While doing so, I wish to challenge the boundaries of design through multi-disciplinary projects at the intersection of art, social sciences and engineering. I strive to create playful pieces that encourage wonder and shed a different light on familiar objects and places through the revelation of hidden patterns.

My research interests include data visualization, generative art, interactive and responsive environments, digital fabrication, display technology for public spaces, electronic music interfaces and wireless sensor networks to name a few. I am also interested in the politics and aesthetics of Open Source and Free Software in the context of media art practice.

I currently teach at X University in the New Media program. Some of my former clients include the CFC Media Lab, the NFB, Sifteo, Gorbet Design, InterAxon, ESKI Studios, CIEO Creative, Foundation Creative Studio and Pixel Farmers.

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