Bitmorph was an immersive, interactive experience installed at the Ontario Science Centre in the Summer of 2016. It was created to engage families and visitors by gamifying learning using cutting edge digital media. Bitmorph terminals dispersed through the five major areas of the Science Centre gave Patrons access to a card from a dispenser with a distinct code. Scanning it created a creature on the screen of the terminal, rendered in a retro 8-bit aesthetic. The more terminals patrons visited within the curated exhibition, the more their character morphed, and took on characteristics depending on the section they were in.

This project was an experiment created as a partnership between the Ontario Science Centre and the RTA New Media program at Ryerson University. Bitmorph was imagined, designed and realized by students of the RTA New Media program, with support from RTA faculty and staff and guidance from experts at the Ontario Science Centre. Students worked on every aspect of the project including content creation, electronics, programming and fabrication.