Subharmonic Generator is an exploration of the subharmonic frequencies of a note across the pitch and time continuums. Subharmonic tones are created by taking integer divisions of a fundamental frequency (eg: divide by 2, 3, 4, 5, etc). The generator also modulates the amplitude of each frequency using subharmonic divisions of a master clock.

The user can select between four different oscillator waveforms for both the pitch and the clock modulation. The subharmonic clock ratios are randomized each time the application starts, but can also be adjusted via the user interface. Each ring of the circle represents a voice, starting with the fundamental tone on the outer edge. The digits indicate clock divisions, or always off (‘X’) and always on (‘∞’). The result is a rich sonic space ranging from slow drones to rhythmic and melodic passages.

Chrome is the recommended browser for this application. The generator supports WebMIDI and can be played as an instrument if a MIDI controller is connected.